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"Ashutosh Malpani’s SABR Controls handled the complete home automation at my Signature Island apartment in BKC. It was a pleasure working with him & his entire team given their professionalism, passion, flexibility, humility and knowledge! They have been extremely helpful in accommodating my requests making me aware of the cost-benefit to ensure I do only what is practical & usable. Extremely systematic in their approach, explaining at every step as to what they are doing and why. It was a mutual learning curve and fun for both of us, as I always challenged them given my penchant for exploiting my automation to the fullest! They were always very attentive to my needs as a client, their limits, the limits of the equipment they supplying, keeping tab of the costs involved to ensure we don’t go overboard, where we don’t really need to.

I admire the team’s genuineness and humility the most, which is RARE with a service vendor in interiors work! While they are very confident in their skills, equipment being supplied and their work, they have been always quick to acknowledge when things did not pan out as they expected and communicate this to us and make sure the senior-most person of the equipment vendors visited my site to resolve any shortcomings.

And even 18 months after they have finished the job & got paid, they continue to help me out promptly with whatever changes I request them to make based on my practical usage & also based on new technological developments, to ensure I continue to get the best buck on what I spend. They have attended to even my smallest issues late night on weekends to ensure my family is not inconvenienced. That’s what I call after-sales & truly a relationship rather then a one-time customer deal! 

Overall, I have really enjoyed working with SABR as they truly understood my needs & provided me the most appropriate & cost-effective solutions and the best after-sales service I have ever seen from a service provider! I was confident, Ashutosh & the SABR team always had my back covered as they worked as a family with MY family, and knowing well that they will NEVER run you of a bridge! Just one of those people that you know you can trust on and count on, even years after your work is done & dusted."

Basant Agarwal
Managing Partner, Acumeus Advisors

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